Empowering Investigator Sites for Success

Welcome to RUMAX LIMITED’s Site Support Service, where we collaborate with investigator sites to optimise the conduct of clinical trials. Our dedicated team of experienced clinicians and study coordinators is committed to enhancing recruitment, managing patient visit schedules, increasing screening efficiency, providing site staffing support, and expanding the patient pool. We are your strategic partner in ensuring the success of clinical trials at every stage.

Key Features of RUMAX LIMITED's Site Support Service:

We leverage our expertise and resources to support investigator sites in achieving faster and higher recruitment rates. Our strategic approach focuses on targeted recruitment strategies and efficient patient engagement.

RUMAX LIMITED assists investigator sites in managing patient visit schedules, ensuring that appointments are well-coordinated, minimising delays, and optimizing the overall patient experience.


Our team works collaboratively with investigator sites to implement streamlined and effective screening processes, maximising the number of eligible participants and accelerating the trial initiation phase.


We provide additional staffing support to investigator sites, ensuring they have the necessary resources to handle increased workloads during critical phases of the trial.

RUMAX LIMITED works with investigator sites to broaden their patient pool.


How RUMAX LIMITED Adds Value to Investigator Sites:

We view investigator sites as strategic partners, collaborating closely to align support services with site-specific needs and trial objectives.

RUMAX LIMITED adapts to the evolving needs of investigator sites, providing flexible support that aligns with the dynamic nature of clinical trials.

We uphold the highest standards of quality in site support, ensuring that all activities align with regulatory requirements, ethical standards, and protocol specifications.

For more information on how RUMAX LIMITED's Site Support Service can elevate your clinical trial, increase efficiency, and achieve recruitment success, please contact us. We look forward to partnering with investigator sites to contribute to the advancement of medical research.

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