Mobile Research Nurse Service

Welcome to RUMAX LIMITED’s Research Nurse Service – an approach to clinical research that prioritises accessibility, patient-centricity, and the seamless integration of trial activities into the lives of participants. Our mobile service is designed to enhance the overall patient experience, promote retention, and ensure the safe and efficient conduct of study activities at the patient’s home or a location convenient to them.

Our Comprehensive Mobile Research Nurse Service

1. Blood Draws:

Our skilled clinicians perform precise and efficient blood draws, ensuring the collection of high-quality samples for analysis, all in the comfort of the patient’s home.

2. Vital Signs Monitoring:

We conduct regular monitoring of vital signs to provide real-time data and contribute valuable insights into the patient’s well-being throughout the trial.

3. ECGs (Electrocardiograms):

Our mobile service includes the provision of ECGs, facilitating essential cardiac assessments without the need for patients to travel to the site.

4. Document Completion:

Thorough and accurate documentation is completed during each visit, ensuring transparency, compliance, and a comprehensive record of participant interactions.

5. Assistance with Questionnaire Completion:

Our dedicated team assists participants in completing questionnaires accurately, contributing to the comprehensive data collection for the study.

6. Administration of Simple to Complex IMP (Investigational Medicinal Product):

From simple to complex IMP administration, our trained professionals ensure the correct and safe delivery of study medications as per the trial protocol.

7. Reporting Signs and Symptoms:

Timely and detailed reporting of any observed signs and symptoms, allowing for proactive measures and ensuring participant safety throughout the trial.

8. Reporting Concomitant Medication:

We meticulously document and report any concomitant medications taken by participants alongside the study medication, maintaining a complete and accurate medical profile.

9. Shipment of Samples to Central Laboratory:

We manage the safe and timely shipment of collected samples to the central laboratory, ensuring the integrity of the specimens and adherence to study protocols.

10. Centrifugation:

Following blood draws, we perform centrifugation to separate components, ensuring accurate and reliable analysis of samples.

11. Country Study Management and Coordination:

We expertly manage and coordinate clinical trials on a country-wide scale, ensuring seamless collaboration and adherence to study protocols.

12. Mobile Clinical Research Nurses:

Our highly trained and experienced mobile clinicians (homecare nurses) bring the trial to the patient’s home or a location convenient for them, facilitating comfortable and accessible participation.

Advantages of RUMAX LIMITED's
Mobile Research Nurse Service:

Enhanced Patient Experience: Our service is designed to prioritise the comfort and convenience of participants, ensuring a positive and patient-centric trial experience.

Promotes Patient Retention: By eliminating the need for frequent site visits, we enhance patient retention, contributing to the success of the trial.

Reduces Investigator Site Visits: Minimizing the number of site visits reduces the burden on participants and ensures more flexible and convenient trial participation.

Improves Protocol Compliance: Our mobile service contributes to improved protocol compliance by providing consistent and reliable support directly where the patient is most comfortable.

Safe Conduct of Study Activities: By conducting study activities at the patient’s home, we prioritise safety while ensuring the highest standards of clinical trial conduct.
“The home care nurse had contacted me in advance to arrange a suitable day and time to visit.

The home care nurse arrived at the appointed time, introduced herself and explained the format of the visit including conducting questionnaires, performing tests and taking of swabs.

The visit was conducted as outlined above; at all times I had complete confidence in the Home Care Nurse. The visit was completed efficiently and within the time frame discussed at the outset of the visit. At all times the visit was conducted in a friendly, polite and mutually respectful way.” – RUMAX LIMITED Trials patient.

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